The Bard's Lament, a Vision; And Other Poems Sacred to the Memory of the Princess Charlotte.
So War Es Wirklich
The Galdrabok
Three Sisters, Three Weddings, and One Dress
The Parriad, Addressed to the Editor of Bellendene [s. Parr], Upon His Elegant, But Illiberal Preface. [in Verse.]
Ein Drogenbaron Aus Murom
The Eric Carr Story
Finde ... Umbruche
Und Gott Existiert Doch!
One Trial. a Novel ... by H. R. C.
Kophetua the Thirteenth.
Twilight. [A Tale.]
The Jucklins: A Novel.
Cyril Blount; Or, Trust-Money. by the Author of Recommended to Mercy [I.E. Matilda C. Houston].
Financial Crisis in the United States
Ventured in Vain. [A Novel.]
The Novel Fabrication of Lithographic Platform for Microfluidic System
High Play: A Comedy Off the Stage.
On the Old Road. a Collection of Miscellaneous Essays, Pamphlets, Andc., Andc., Published 1834-1885.
A Rose of Yesterday.
The Match of the Season. a Novel.
In Jeopardy, and Other Stories of Peril ... New Edition.
Among Typhoons and Pirate Craft ... with Illustrations.
The Madman of St. James': A Narrative, from the Journal of a Physician. Translated from the German, by T. H.
Terminals Moved or Abandoned by Company Orders
The Blue Pavilions. [A Tale.] by Q. [I.E. A. T. Quiller-Couch.]
The Lost Bill, 1859. [verses in Reference to the Loss of Mr. Disraeli's Bill of Parliamentary Reform.]
The Breeches; Or the Country Curate and Cobler's Wife. a Comic, Satiric, Poetic, Descriptive Tale. [in Verse.]
Each Side of the Gutter; Or Fugitive Pieces. Published in Dublin in January and February 1789.
Romance! a New Operetta, Composed by H. Leslie. the Words by J. P. Simpson, Etc.
More Lyric Odes to the Royal Academicians; By Peter Pindar.
A Dream, Deserted, and the Frolicsome Snow, Etc. [poems.]
A Tale of Lulworth ... Drawn Up from Letters, Etc. [by William Henry Chamberlaine.]
Twenty Years Ago! a New Melodramatic Entertainment, in Two Acts [in Prose], Etc.
Defenseless World
Crochet From the Heart: Quick Projects for Generous Giving
A Russian Interlude
Celebrate with Little Quilts
London Characters and the Humorous Side of London Life. with ... Illustrations.
Korea and Her Neighbours. a Narrative of Travel, with an Account of the Recent Vicissitudes and Present Position of the Country. with Maps and Illustrations. Volume II
St. Elmo. a Novel.
Eight Bells. a Tale of the Sea and the Cannibals of New Guinea Illustrated by the Author.
The White Elephant; Or, the Hunters of Ava and the King of the Golden Foot ... with Illustrations by Harrison Weir.
How I Shot My Bears; Or, Two Years' Tent Life in Kullu and Lahoul. ... with Illustrations and Map.
The Catskill Mountains and the Region Around ... Their Scenery, Legends and History; With Sketches in Prose and Verse, by Cooper, Irving, Bryant, Cole and Others ... Revised Edition.
Bonnie Lesley, [A Novel.]
Notes from a Diary in Asiatic Turkey. [With Illustrations.]
Secret-Love, or the Maiden-Queen: As It Is Acted by His Majesties Servants, at the Theater-Royal.
Ia. [A Novel.] by Q. [I.E. A. T. Quiller-Couch. with Illustrations.]
Young Blood. [A Tale.]
Keble's Evening Hymn [From the Christian Year ], Illustrated by E. Waring.
Penshurst Castle in the Time of Sir Philip Sidney. [A Story.]
Inculturating the Eucharist in Africa
Meanings That Residents in Budiriro Attach to the Cholera Illness
Proteomics of Scorpion Venom
After the Color Revolutions
Cognitive Tutor Geometry Curriculum
Readiness of Finnish Companies to Integrate Foreign Students
Complexity of Intercultural Work Processes
Staffing and Strategic Human Resource Management
The Dutchman, a Musical Entertainment, Etc.
Hammond's Guide to Leicester and the Abbey Park.
A Defence of the People Denominated Methodists, Etc.
The Problem of the Day. Jubilee Rhymes by Seivad the Singer.
A Month's Tour in Spain in the Spring of 1866.
Who Fired the First Shot? Or, Ned Rusheen. an Irish Story.
Home Rule; Or, the Apotheosis of Stump. the Screaming Farce Now Acting in the Sister Island.
Threefold Praise and Other Pieces [in Verse. with Illustrations].
The 'piscopade: A Panegyri-Satiri-Serio-Comical Poem. by Porcupinus Pelagius.
Precursors and Chemicals Frequently Used in the Illicit Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances 2010
The Origin of Mountain Ranges Considered Experimentally ... and in Relation to Their Geological History.
Letters from North America, Written During a Tour in the United States and Canada. Vol. I.
Sketches of Portuguese Life, Manners, Costume and Character. Illustrated by Twenty Coloured Plates.
Ye Lateste D'Evil. a Contribution to Universal Biography by ... J. G. Taylire ... Setting Forth ... Some Account of the Life and Death of His Satanic Majesty ... Edited by S.P.E.C.K.
Rough Leaves from a Journal Kept in Spain and Portugal, During the Years 1832, 1833, and 1834.
Royalty Restored, or London Under Charles II. ... with ... Portraits.
The Next of Kin: A Novel.
Of the Deepest Dye. a Novel.
Woody Guthrie, American Radical
Military Events in Italy, 1848, 1849. Translated from the German by the Earl of Ellesmere.
My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule at Washington.
Annals of Woodside and Newhills: Historical and Genealogical.
The Case of Ailsa Gray. [A Novel.]
Tribes of the Hindoo Koosh. [With a Map.]
Historic Sites of Suffolk. ... with Introductory Verses by B. Barton, and the Author of 'Historical Reviews.'.
Gallia. [A Novel.]
The History of Erie County. Pennsylvania, Etc.
The Experiences of a Planter in the Jungles of Mysore, Etc. Vol. II
Small Scale Irrigation Schemes
Eu Climate Change Policy and European Energy Generation Industry
The Effect of Chemical Materials on the Properties of Dental Stone
Institutional Care for the Elderly at Bumhudzo
Behavior and Relative Velocity of Debris Near Geostationary Orbit
Travels in Asia and Africa, Etc. [Edited by J. P. Berjew.]
Lachesis Lapponica, or a Tour in Lapland, Now First Published from the Original Manuscript Journal of the Celebrated Linnaeus; By J. E. Smith. Vol. I.
Jerusalem the Holy. a Brief History of Ancient Jerusalem; With an Account of the Modern City ... with Fifteen Illustrations from Photographs and Four Maps.
Fifiana: Or, Memorials of the East of Fife. [With a Life of the Author by Thomas Landale, and with Plates, Including Portraits.]
The Long-Run Inflation Protection from Homeownership
Tom Brown at Oxford. by the Author of Tom Brown's School Days.'. Volume I.
Traditions of Perth, Containing Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, and Notices of Public Occurrences, During the Last Century, Etc.
Signa. a Story. by Ouida. Vol. III
Salted with Fire. [A Tale.]
The Illustrated London Instructor. Second Edition.
The Illustrated London Reading Books. Third Edition, with Additions and Corrections.
Great Waterfalls, Cataracts, and Geysers, Described and Illustrated, Etc.
Quarta Editio Multo Emendatior, Etc.
The Mississippi Valley: Its Physical Geography, Including Sketches of the Topography, Botany, Climate, Geology and Mineral Resources ... Illustrated by Maps and Sections.
Poetic Voices of the Eighteenth Century, Comprising the Poems of Gray, Beattie, Blair, Collins, Thomson, Kirke White, Complete, Etc.
Recollections of Siberia, in the Years 1840 and 1841. [With a Map.]
Great Britain for Little Britons. a Book for Children, Etc.
Tuscan Rose (2 Volume Set)
Dating Diva Adventures
Tot Island
A Biblical Guide to Caregiving
Precepts and Teachings of Ancient Egypt
Postcards from Melbourne
The World from Down Under (2 Volume Set)
Eternal Spirit
Easy Ukelele: A Guide for Absolute Beginners (Colour Version)
Statement of Facts, Relative to the Removal from India of Mr. Buckingham, Late Editor of the Calcutta Journal.
The Quiet Heart. by the Author of Katie Stewart [I.E. Margaret Oliphant]. Second Edition.
On the Cards; Or, the Return of the Princess. a Novel.
Gold and Tinsel. a Novel. by the Author of The Ups and Downs of an Old Maid's Life..
Claude Meadowleigh; Artist. [A Novel.]
The Cup of Trembling, and Other Stories.
Darius's Feast: Or, the Force of Truth. a Poem, Addressed to the Right Honourable the Earls of Salisbury and Exeter.
The Rich Husband; A Novel of Real Life. by the Author of The Ruling Passion..
The Conflagration; A Poem: Occasioned by the Late Destructive Fire at Stoborough, Etc.
A Monody on the Lamented Death of Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte-Augusta of Wales and of Saxe Cobourg Saalfield.
A New Comic Annual. Nobody's Baby. a Christmas Fancy for Maids, Wives, Etc.
The Wolf in Sheep's Cloathing. a Fragment [in Verse]. Addressed to the Methodistical Clergy, Etc.
English Bards and Their Reviewer. a Satire ... Second Edition.
The Prodigal. a Dramatic Piece [in Two Acts and in Verse; Altered from the Fatal Extravagance of J. Mitchell, or Rather A. Hill? by F. G. Waldron].
Scarborough: A Poetic Glance.
Brotherhood, Fellowship, and Acting Together. Further Practical Reflections in Rhyme. a Sequel to 'new Covenant Ordinances and Order.' [by Robert A. Macfie.]
Attitudes Towards Mathematics in Gweru Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe
An Elegy on the Death of the Rev. Henry Hunter.
Electricity Supply Security in Indonesia
The Challenges Facing the East African Revival Movement
Edgar Bardon; An Autobiographical Novel.
Frank Sinclair's Wife, and Other Stories. Vol. I.
The Mistakes of a Life: A Novel.
Lippa: A Novel.
A Bit of a Fool. [A Novel.]
For Love and Life.
Young Brown; Or, the Law of Inheritance. by the Author of The Member for Paris [I.E. Eustace C. G. Murray], Etc. Vol. II
Too Good for Him. [A Novel.]
History of Massachusetts, from July 1775 to the Year 1789, Inclusive, When the Federal Government Was Established Under the Present Constitution
Toronto: Past and Present: Historical and Descriptive. a Memorial Volume for the Semi-Centennial of 1884, Etc.
The Grey Pool, and Other Stories.
Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. with a Vocabulary and Notes. by Wm. Bingham.
Aedes Hartwellianae, or Notices of the Mansion of Hartwell. (Addenda, Etc.) [With Plates.]
Campaigning in Kaffirland Or, Scenes and Adventures in the Kaffir War Of1851-2.
The True History of the State Prisoner Commonly Called the Iron Mask Here Identified with Count E. A. Mattioli, Extracted from Documents in the French Archives. with an Appendix
The Works, Historical and Miscellaneous, of Marcus Tullius Cicero; With the History of His Life and Writings, by Conyers Middleton ... the Translations by Guthrie, Melmoth, Vol. II, a New Edition
The New South.
An American in Iceland. an Account of Its Scenery. ... with a Description of Its Millennial Celebration in August, 1874; With Notes on the Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands, Etc.
The Trial of Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, in the Arches Court of Canterbury, at Doctors Commons, for Committing Adultery with Joseph Petton, Esq. Captain of the Beaver Sloop
The Farm House; A Comedy in Three Acts [and in Prose]; As Altered [from C. Johnson's Country Lasses].
Chronological Table of Events in Connection with the Borough of Leicester.
Church Rates, Voluntary and Compulsory, Etc.
Della Celebre Iscrizione Sulle Origini Di Cittanova. Studi Storici E Paleografici.
An Essay on Calumny. Humbly Inscribed to ... the Prince of Wales. [in Verse.]
Spedizione Italiana All'africa Equatoriale. Considerazioni., La
Honoria; Or the Day of All Souls. a Poem, with Other Practical Pieces. [by E. Jerningham.]
Student Songs for Camp and College
Knits From the Heart: Quick Projects for Generous Giving
Frayed-Edge Fun: 10 Cozy Quilts
Colorwash Bargello Quilts
Pensive Poems And Startling Stories
Perfectly Brilliant Knits
15 Beads: a Guide to Creating One of a Kind Beads
Lange Q&A Pharmacy, Tenth Edition
Outdoor Pig-Keeping
Language Disorders Across the LifeSpan
Her Plighted Troth.
Walter Crane: The Arts and Crafts, Painting, and Politics
A Beggar, and Other Fantasies.
For the Defence. a Realistic ... Story, Etc.
The Hidden Flame. a Romance.
A Dark Intruder.
Fiscal Federalism in the Emu
Observations in Ornette Colemans' Music During the Period of 1957-1963
Cora Linn. a Romance of the Clyde.
Domestic Workers' Coping Strategies in Zimbabwe
Up and Down the World. a Novel.
Once Upon an Island: Photographs of Manhattan, 1969-1970
Cinematic Hamlet: The Films of Olivier, Zeffirelli, Branagh, and Almereyda
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material in the Petroleum Wastes
Guillaume de Machaut: Secretary, Poet, Musician
The Translation of English Compounds of the BBC News Texts Into Arabic
Study Guide to accompany Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, 10e
Square Dance (Revised edition): Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares
White-Collar Crime: The Abuse of Corporate and Government Power
Gracie's Fall
For the Birds: Paper-Pieced Birdhouses and Birdfeeders
Blossoms in Winter: 16 Designs in Wool Felt Applique
Sensational Settings (Revised edition): Over 80 Ways to Arrange Your Quilt Blocks
Clever Quilts: Making the Most of Panels, Borders, and Theme Prints
Fingerprint Recognition System
Groundwater Well Field Contamination Mechanisms
Russian-Georgian War
Cornerstones of Financial Accounting
Diagnosis of Industrial Troubleshootings
Teacher-Trainees Achievement and Attitude Towards Ict
Popular Justice: A History of Lynching in America
Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering
Journal of a Voyage from Boston to the West Coast of Africa, with a Full Description of the Manner of Trading with the Natives on the Coast.
On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers. Illustrated, Etc.
Die Entstehung Des Modernen Frankreich. Autorisirte Deutsche Bearbeitung Von L. Katscher. Zweiter Band
Tales from the Telling-House.
The Tiger Lily. a Story of Two Passions.
A Black Squire. [A Novel.]
A Strange World. a Novel. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret [M. E. Braddon].
The Rose and the Key, Etc.
Only a Clod. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret [I.E. Mary E. Braddon] ... Fourth Edition.
A Daughter of To-Day. a Novel.
Prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary 1834-1905- From Lawrence County, Ohio
Griffith Gaunt; Or, Jealousy. Third Edition.
Daisy Miller: A Study. an International Episode. Four Meetings. [Tales.]
A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and Present State of the Gypsies; Designed ... to Promote the Amelioration of Their Condition.
Wild Adventures in Australia and New South Wales, Beyond the Boundaries. [With Plates.]
The Redemption of Edward Strahan. a Social Story.
Hongrie. Expos G Ographique Et Statistique, R Dig En Collaboration de Plusieurs Sp Cialistes. Traduit Par F. Schwiedland.
Sweethearts and Wives. Second Edition.
Neuroscience of Decision Making
Mr. Witt's Widow. a Frivolous Tale.
Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods
Agony Point; Or, the Groans of 'Gentility.'
Insel Cephalonia., Die
Shared Intelligence: American Painting and the Photograph
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Eine Wallfahrt Auf Den Rigi
A Fish Named Luke
The Poll for the Election of Two Burgesses ... July 12th, 1865, Etc.
Les Gouverneurs de Lyon. Extrait de la Revue Du Lyonnais
Fire and Song
Blicke in Der Stadt Oldenburg Vergangenheit Und Zukunft. Mit Einem Plane.
Hoaxes and Hexes: Daring Deceptions and Mysterious Curses
Slavery: An Essay in Verse, Etc.
A Day in Vacation at College. a Burlesque Poem. [by William Dodd.]
Valentine's Day; A Musical Drama in Two Acts [in Prose, with Songs, by W. Heard].
Sum Notabill Thinges, Excerptit Frome the Auld Recordes of the Honorabill Citie of Aberdeene. 1565-1635. (Communicated by Joseph Robertson.).
Tennyson's Oenone Translated Into Latin Hexameters. by T. S. Evans. Eng. and Lat.
On the Nature and Tendency of Blasphemous Opinions. a Sermon [on Ps. LXXIV. 10].
The Waters of Lethe. a Poem.
Monody to the Memory of the Late Queen of France [marie Antoinette.] with a Portrait of the Queen by the Marchioness Lezay-Marnesia].
The Way of the World. a Novel.
The Antiquities of S. Fagans.
Meta-Reality: A Brief Introduction
Power's Partner.
Crosby and Walker's Novel. an Original, Exciting, and Fascinating Romance.
The Queen of the County. by the Author of Margaret and Her Bridesmaids [Julia Cecilia Stretton.] Etc. Vol. I
Harry Coverdale's Courtship, and All That Came of It. ... with Illustrations by Phiz.
Three Sunsets, and Other Poems ... with Twelve Fairy-Fancies by E. Gertrude Thomson.
Contemporary Conflict Resolution
The Ghost of Dunboy Castle. by Huberto. [A Novel.] Vol. II
Pregnancy in the Obese Woman: Clinical Management
Travels in Eastern Africa; With the Narrative of a Residence in Mozambique, Etc. Vol. II.
Pernambuco. Seu Desenvolvimento Historico.
The Child of Ocean. a Romance.
A Bird's-Eye View of Our Civil War.
Incidents and Anecdotes of the Civil War.
For Maimie's Sake. a Tale of Love and Dynamite.
The Edlingham Burglary, or Circumstantial Evidence.
The Animal Creation; Its Claims on Our Humanity Stated and Enforced.
Wanderings in War Time: Being Notes of Two Journeys Taken in France and Germany, in the Autumn of 1870, and the Spring of 1871.
The Campaign of General Scott in the Valley of Mexico.
The History of Monaco, Past and Present
Schwedische Geschichte Im Zeitalter Der Reformation
Urkundenbuch Zur Reformationsgeschichte Des Herzogthums Preussen. Herausgegeben Von P. Tschackert. Funfundvierzigfter Band
The History of Rome ... Translated with ... Additions, by W. P. Dickson. with a Preface by L. Schmitz. (Index, Etc.) Part II.
Geschichte Der Stadt Und Landschaft Bern. Zweiter Band.
Pen and Powder.
The Struggle of the Bulgarians for National Independence Under Prince Alexander, in 1885. Translated from the German, Etc.
Life and Finding of Dr. Livingstone. Containing the Original Letters Written by H. M. Stanley.
The Woman of Business; Or, the Lady and the Lawyer. a Novel.
Only Sea and Sky. a Novel.
A Stolen Mask. [A Novel.]
The General's Daughter. a Novel.
A Partner from the West. [A Novel.]
Reisen Nach Dem Nordpolarmeer in Den Jahren 1870 Und 1871. in (Drei) Theilen Und Einem Wisenschaftlichen Anhang. Mit Vorwort Von Dr. A. Petermann. Erster Theil
Carry's Confession. by the Author of High Church [I.E. Frederick W. Robinson], Etc.
History of Witney.
The Lovels of Arden ... by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret (Miss Braddon, ) Etc.
The State of Tennessee vs. Julius J. Dubose, Judge of the Criminal Court of Shelby County, Tennessee. Articles of Impeachment and Answer of Defendant
The Years That the Locust Hath Eaten. [A Novel.]
Don Sebastian, King of Portugal: A Tragedy Acted at the Theatre Royal.
From Thistles-Grapes?.
The Wild Huntress.
The Dunciad, Variorum. with the Prolegomena of Scriblerus. (Appendix.).
Playing on the Brink. a Novel.
Blind Justice. a Story.
Semiramis, a Tragedy, Etc. in Verse
The Island of Doctor Moreau.
Rochelle Et Ses Ports. Illustrations, Etc, La
Outlines. [Tales.]
The Wilderness of the World. a Novel. Vol. II.
Careladen House. a Tale.
Won at Last.
Aaron Copland's Clarinet Concerto
In Situ Hybridization for Analysis of Rice Plant Genomic Constitution
Techniques for Osteosynthesis
Two Years in Oregon.
Quaint Corners of Ancient Empires: Southern India, Burma, and Manila ... Illustrated.
Flower and Leaf: Their Teachings from the Poets. Selected and Arranged by E. D. Adams.
Leaves from a Journal [By P. R., i.e. Patrick Robertson, Lord Robertson, Illustrated with Engravings from the Works of Several Masters, and Published at Various Times].
Great Britain as It Is ... Illustrated. Photographs by J. A. Spencer, on Stone by E. Dolby.
A Gazetteer of the State of New York ... Second Edition, with Additions and Corrections.
The Executor: A Novel. Vol. III.
Adam Grainger, and Other Stories ... New Edition.
Before the Conquest; Or, English Worthies in the Old English Period. with Illustrations by F. Barnard.
Les Origines de La France Contemporaine. Tome I. Deuxieme Edition
Cairo: Sketches of Its History, Monuments, and Social Life ... Illustrations, Etc.
The Picture of Australia: Exhibiting New Holland, Van Diemen's Land, and All the Settlements, from the First at Sydney to the Last at the Swan River. [By Robert Mudie. with a Map.]
Over Land En Zee. Herinneringen Uit Mijn Verblijf in Indie. Met Een Voorbericht Van G. H. Van Soest.
The Expedition of Captain Flick ... Fifth Thousand.
The Great Civil War of Charles I. and the Parliament. by R. Cattermole. with ... Engravings from Drawings by G. Cattermole.
Second Thoughts.
The Lake of Wine.
Ivan Graham. a Story of the Medical Mission to the Jews in Russia.
My Mother's Diamonds. a Domestic Story for Daughters at Home, Etc.
Narrative of a Journey in Persia, in the Suite of the Imperial Russian Embassy, in ... 1817. Translated from the German. Illustrated by Plates. [Edited by A. F. F. Von Kotzebue.]
The Unclassed ... New Edition.
And Shall Trelawney Die? and the Mist on the Moors. Being Romances of the Parish of Altarnun in the County of Cornwall.
A Dark Place of the Earth.
Mistress and Maid. by the Author of John Halifax Gentleman, Etc.
The Jessamy Bride. ... with Illustrations by A. Forestier.
After Five Years in India: Or, Life and Work in a Punjaub District.
The Minstrel of the North; Or, Cumbrian Legends; Being a Poetical Miscellany of Legendary, Gothic, and Romantic Tales. Canto I.
Ednor Whitlock. a Novel.
A New Othello ... Second Edition.
Words from the Mountain
Conversations with a Moonflower
Sugarland: Josh and His Magic Bed
Draeger Legacy
Souvenirs de Voyage. Les Glaciers Des Hautes-Alpes
Picnic at the Zoo
Ey Up Adolf
The Postman's Daughter, and Other Tales.
Thornicroft's Model.
Hagar. [A Novel.] by the Author of St. Olave's, Etc. [Eliza Tabor, Afterwards Stephenson.]
Mr. and Mrs. Faulconbridge.
Janet Delille. [A Novel.]
Constance Rivers. [A Novel.]
The Missing Man. Being the Outcome of the Balshaw Case.
Blythe House. by R. F. H. [I.E. Rosa F. Hill.]
Strategic Synergy Between Alliances, Collaboration and Innovation
Coping with the Grief and Trauma of Nursing
The Shores of the Mediterranean. Vol. II
Genetic Diversity of Some Cucurbits in Khartoum State, Sudan
Malta, Under the Phenicians, Knights, and English
Cyllene, or the Fall of Paganism. Vol. II
Stories of the Gorilla Country.
Robert Elsmere. Vol. II.
Journal Kept During the Russian War: From the Departure of the Army from England in April 1854 to the Fall of Sebastopol.
A Woman Against the World. a Novel.
A Summer at Baden-Baden Illustrated by T. Johannot, E. Lamy.
The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. a History of Father and Son. Vol. II
Tales at the Outspan, Or, Adventures in the Wild Regions of Southern Africa. with Illustrations. Second Edition.
The Vegetable Gardeners Container Bible
Nature. a Poem.
Tin House: Spring 2011: The Mysterious
The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals
The Infant Vision of Shakspeare; With an Apostrophe to the Immortal Bard, and Other Poems.
Object Lessons: Teaching Math through the Visual Arts, K-5
Catalogue of Mr. Capell's Shakesperiana; Presented by Him to Trinity College, Cambridge, and Printed from an Exact Copy of His Own Ms. Few Ms. Notes.
Gift of God Bitter Gourd
Camping Handbook
Fell Walking From Wasdale
Physics Of The Ether
Old England And New Zealand
Assessment of Financial Performance
Low Income Housing
Rebuilding Defenses
Multichannel Image Deconvolution
Agroforestry Adoption in African Smallholder Communities
Walter Moers' Zamonien-Romane: Vermessungen Eines Fiktionalen Kontinents
Retributivism: Essays on Theory and Policy
Un-Natural History Not Taught in Bored Schools, Etc.
The Flowers of the Alphabet; An Original Poem, for Young Persons.
The Fight on the Island, or Reading Abbey, A.D. 1163. by the Author of 'The Sack of Silchester' [I.E. A. B. Cheales].
The Judgment-Day, a Poem. the Second Edition.
Songs, Choruses, Andc. in a ... Fairy Ballad Opera Entitled Robin Goodfellow, Etc.
Documents in the Case of Major Andrew Washburn, Late of the Fourteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, (Heavy Artillery)
T rken VOR Wien 1683. Festrede, 1883, Etc., Die
The English in Spain; Or, the Story of the War of Succession Between 1834 and 1840, Etc.
The Crook of the Bough. [A Novel.]
On Canada's Frontier: Sketches of History, Sport, and Adventure ... Illustrated.
The Philosophy of History, in a Course of Lectures Delivered at Vienna ... Translated ..., with a Memoir of the Author, by J. B. Robertson. Vol. II
The Friendly Guide to the Parish Church and Other Places of Interest in Great Yarmouth, with Illustrations. [by E. J. Lupson.]
Tara, a Mahratta Tale. Vol. III.
The Voters and Tax-Payers of de Kalb County, Illinois. Containing, Also, a Biographical Directory of Its Tax-Payers and Voters; A History of the County and State; Map of the County, Etc. with Plates.
The Woman in White. Illustrated. Vol. II
Of the Path and of the Drops
The Influence of the Feudal System on the Formation of Political Character. the Stanhope Prize Essay for 1863.
Mems of a Tour in Italy, from Sketches by T. G. F[onnereau]. Esqre. Inspired by His Friend and Fellow Traveller C. [Stanfield] Esqre. R.A. [Lithographic Views Without Letterpress.]
Notes on the Neighbourhood of Taw Marsh, North Dartmoor ... Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association, Etc. [With a Map.]
Historic and Descriptive Handbook of Carisbrooke Castle in the Isle of Wight, Etc.
Meat Microbiology
Memory and Violence
Establishing Sound Corporate Governance Regime Ethiopia Private Banks
Farewell to the Crown Colony
Organising for Social Value Creation
Freedom Readers: The African American Reception of Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy
The Miser's Daughter, Etc.
The Elder Brother: A Comedie ... Written by F. Beaumont and J. Fletcher [Or More Probably Written by Fletcher, and Revised by Massinger] ... the Second Edition, Corrected and Amended.
Japhet in Search of a Father ... with an Introduction by David Hannay.
Trial of Sir Robert T. Wilson, John H. Hutchinson, and Michael Bruce, for Assisting in the Escape of M. Lavalette. with a Brief Memoir of Sir R.T. Wilson
Increase in Cost of Living of Locomotive Firemen, Hostlers and Engineers in Twenty-Nine Western Towns
Farnell's Folly. [A Novel.]
Visit to Iceland and the Scandinavian North. Second Edition. with Plates
The Chronicles of a Virgin Fortress [I.E. Widdin]. Being Some Unrecorded Chapters of Turkish and Bulgarian History
Tempest Tossed; The Story of Seejungfer. by the Author of Mademoiselle Mori [Miss M. Roberts], Etc.
With the Conquering Turk: Confessions of a Bashi-Bazouk, Etc. an Account of the Campaign in Thessaly in 1897
Gems of Literature, Elegant, Rare, and Suggestive.
The Revolt of Man. [A Novel. by Sir W. Besant.]
Memorials of St. Michael's, the Old Parish Churchyard of Dumfries.
The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Mid-Calder, with Some Account of the Religious House of Torphichen, Founded Upon Record.
The Pilgrim
A Report in Full of the Trial of Edward D. Worrell, Indicted for the Murder of Basil H. Gordon, Held at the Court House in Union, Franklin County, Missouri, Commencing on Monday, January 19, 1857
The Creoles of Louisiana. [With Illustrations.]
Theodoric the Goth in Italy. the Newdigate Poem 1896.
The Lawyer's Fortune. [By Viscount Grimston.] ... the Second Edition.
Case for the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of the City and Royal Burgh of
Snarleyyow ... Illustrated by H. R. Millar. with an Introduction by David Hannay.
The Land of Morgan: Its Conquest and Its Conquerors. Being a Contribution Towards the History of Glamorgan. Printed in the Journal of the Royal Arch Ological Institute.
Sketches, Historical and Topographical, of the Floridas, More Particularly of East Florida.
The Baddington Peerage: Who Won, and Who Wore It. a Story of the Best and Worst Society. Vol. III.
Carr of Carrlyon: A Novel.
The House of Sorrow; Or, the Mechanic's Home ... by a Strict Observer. .
Miriam's Sorrow.
Music Hath Charms. [A Novel.]
Verhandeling Over Het Westland, Ter Opheldering Der Loo-En, Woerden En Hoven, Benevens de Natuurdienst Der Friesen En Batavieren, Etc.
Holly. [A Novel.] by Nomad.
A Woman at the Wheel. [A Novel.]
Richard Wainwright, the Liberals and Liberal Democrats: Unfinished Business
The City of the Magyar, or Hungary and Her Institutions in 1839-40.
Gestalteter Klang - Gestalteter Sinn: Orientierungsstrategien in Musik Und Religion Im Wandel Der Zeit
Evelyn Marston. by the Author of Emilia Wyndham..
Ruth Rivers. a Story, Etc.
The Knave of Hearts; A Novel. Vol. I.
The Spanish Poniard, Being the Story of the Remorse of Ambrose Drybridge.
The Nameless City. a Rommany Romance.
A Son of Ishmael. a Novel.
Argument on the Question of the Annexation of Roxbury to Boston, Etc.
Original Documents Relating to Sheffield, Principally in Connection with Mary, Queen of Scots. Reprinted from the Journal of the British Archaeological Association.
Frederick Wolbert's Trial, Before Seven Respectable Arbitrators, Who Awarded Six Hundred Dollars Damages Against Him, for Violating His Duty as a Magistrate, and Trampling on the Rights of the Citizen
A Poem on the Grand Attack on Gibraltar, by the Spaniards. Sept. 13th, 1783.
The Poll on the Election of a Registrary of the University of Cambridge. on Friday, March 23, 1832. Candidates: The Rev. Joseph Romilly ... the Rev. Temple Chevallier ... by Henry Gunning.
The Student's Chronological Maps. [With Descriptive Letterpress.]
A' Miei Amici. [Extracts from Childe Harold and the Corsair, and the Tear, Translated Into Italian Verse by P. Isola.]
Historical Notices of the Edifice Called the King's Manor, Situate Near the Walls of the City of York. [An Offprint from the Twenty-Ninth Report of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. with Plates.]
The Married Beau Or, the Curious Impertinent, a Comedy, Etc.
Paul Lunt's Diary ... 1775. Edited by S. A. Green.
The World's Way: Lays of Life and Labour.
Coridon's Song and Other Verses from Various Sources. with Illustrations by Hugh Thomson ... with an Introduction by Austin Dobson. L.P.
The Annals of Albany. by Joel Munsell.
The Emperor of the East. a Trag -Comedie, in Five Acts and in Verse.
Under Which Lord? [A Novel.] with Twelve Illustrations by A. Hopkins.
Glimpses of Old English Homes ... with ... Illustrations.
Love in a Wood, Or, St. James's Park. a Comedy, Etc. [In Five Acts and in Prose].
Nelly Channel, Etc.
Sacred Poetry Selected and Edited by R. A. W., Etc.
The Country Wake: A Comedy. [In Five Acts and in Prose.]
Thomas Robert, Plaintiff in Error
REV. John C. Green, Against John Pierce
The Scorpion: A Romance of Spain, Etc.
The Misfortunes of Elphin, and Rhododaphne ...
A Week at Killarney.
Mirikata Magic
Wreck and Ruin: Or, Modern Society.
The Midlands and Others. [A Novel.]
Victory in Tears; Or, the Shade of Nelson. a Tribute to the Memory of That Immortal Hero, Etc. [In Verse.]
Lena's Picture. a Story of Love.
My First Prisoner. by the Governor. [A Story. the Dedication Signed: B. T.]
Love and Quiet Life. Somerset Idylls.
The Great Experiment. a Novel.
Anne Shrewood [Anne Sherwood]: Or, the Social Institutions of England. a Novel.
Ambresbury Monastery ... Reprinted from the Wiltshire Arch ological Magazine, Etc.
Notes on Border Parishes. No. II.-Winforton. (Reprinted from Arch ologia Cambrensis.).
The Northern Boundary of Massachusetts in Its Relations to New Hampshire, Etc.
The Making of Aberdeenshire. a Paper, Etc.
First (Second) Report, Etc.
All for Love: Or, the World Well Lost ... Marked with the Variations in the Manager's Book, Etc.
The Democratiad, a Poem, in Retaliation, for the Philadelphia Jockey Club [by Timothy Tickler] ... by a Gentleman of Connecticut [i.E. Lemuel Hopkins]. (Third Edition.).
A Short Account of Dorchester, Past and Present.
Love and Mirage; Or, the Waiting on an Island: And Other Tales.
The Stars in Their Courses: A Modern Romance of the Himalayas.
Notes Sur Quelques Points D'Histoire Concernant La Bourgogne Et Le Forez
The Waterdale Neighbours. [A Novel.] by the Author of Paul Massie [J. MacCarthy].
Weg Zur Deutschen Akademie Der Technikwissenschaften, Der
Under Lock and Key. a Story.
Atla. a Story of the Lost Island.
The Climate Change Controversy
Solar Water Heating in Dragash Municipality, Kosovo
Digital Reference Service
Politische Kultur Und Demokratisierung
Tales of Shipwrecks, and Adventures by Land and Sea.
Analyse Semantischer Distanzen Zwischen Texten
Hispano Suiza - Road Test Portfolio
Risikoidentifikation Im Co2-Emissionshandel
The Young Buglers, Etc.
Studyguide for Essential Psychopathology and Its Treatment by Maxmen, ISBN 9780393705607
Um Afrika. Mit 14 Lichtdrucken Und Zahlreichen Illustrationen, Etc.
The Master of Ballantrae. a Winter's Tale ... with ... Illustrations by W. Hole ... Eighteenth Thousand.
St. Ives: Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner in England. [Completed by A. T. Quiller-Couch.]
Pfarrei Mupperg Topographisch Und Kirchengeschichtlich Dargestellt., Die
History of the County of Orange: With a History of the Town and City of Newburgh.
Berlin Und Potsdam. Ihre Vergangenheit, Gegenwart Und Zukunft. Geschildert Von Beta. Mit 24 Ansichten. Nach Der Natur Gezeichnet, Gestochen Und Herausgegeben Von J. Peppel Und M. Kurz.
The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama
Les Races Sauvages ... Avec 115 Gravures, Dont Huit Planches Hors Texte.
Cruisings in the Cascades. a Narrative of Travel ... Hunting and Fishing, Etc.
Historical Notes of Haydon Bridge and District.
The American Crisis: Or, Pages from the Note-Book of a State Agent During the Civil War. Vol. II
An Account of Hornsea in Holderness, Etc. [With Plates.]
The Story of London. [With Illustrations.]
Paul Heinsius. a Study from Life.
Virginia Illustrated: Containing a Visit to the Virginian Canaan, and the Adventures of Porte Crayon and His Cousins. Illustrated from Drawings by Porte Crayon.
A Pocket Gazetteer of Pennsylvania, Etc.
Studyguide for Sociology by Henslin, James M., ISBN 9780131359246
Barrett's Illustrated Guides. No. 1-9.
United States of America V. United Shoe Machinery Company, of New Jersey, et al
Origines, or Remarks on the Origin of Several Empires, States, and Cities. Vol. III.
The Biblical Keepsake: Or, Landscape Illustrations of the Most Remarkable Places Mentioned in the Holy Scriptures ... with Descriptions ... by ... T. H. H.
Raffans Folk: A Story of a Highland Parish.
A Racing Rubber. a Novel.
The Essential Requisites of a Sea-Side Health Resort, and the Requirements of a Health Seeker, with the Physical Geography and Climate of the Isle of Man. a Lecture ... Delivered ... 1883.
Condoned. [A Novel.]
Een Reis Om de Wereld in Vier Honderd in Vier Honderd En Tachtig Dagen.
Ambushes and Surprises: ... from the Time of Hannibal to the Period of the Indian Mutiny, Etc.
Gothalbert and Hisanna. with Other Poems.
Sketches of California. an Account of the Life, Manners, and Customs of the Inhabitants ... Also ... Information in Relation to the Canchalagua, Etc.
The Age of Leo the Tenth in Italy. the Newdigate Prize Poem, 1894.
Unto the Right Honourable, the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of Hercules Scot of Brotherton
Pre-Existence. a Poem, in the Style and Manner of Milton, Etc. [by Abel Evans.]
A Sermon [on Job IX. 12] Preached at Halifax ... 21 Dec. 1817, Being an Affectionate Tribute to the Memory of H. W. Coulthurst, Etc.
An Introduction to Sources of Salopian Topography ... Reprinted from the Transactions of the Shropshire Arch ological and Natural History Society.
Promenade D'Un Francais Dans L'Irlande.
Historisches Festbuch Zur Basler Vereinigungsfeier, 1892. with Illustrations
D. Schilling's Schweizer-Chronik. Abgedruckt Nach Der Originalhandschrift, Etc.
Urkundliche Geschichte Der Stadt Marktbreit in Unterfranken.
The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses.
Plain Tales from the Hills. Second Edition.
Ueber Den Polarkreis Mit Abbildungen Und Eine Karte
Jenseit Des Tweed. Bilder Und Briefe Aus Schottland.
Geschichte Der Stadt Und Landschaft Bern. Erster Band
Field Guide to Urban Wildlife
The Chicago Schoolhouse: High School Architecture and Educational Reform, 1856-2006
Blizzards of Thought: Book Of Reflection
The Eustace Diamonds. Vol. II.
Miller's Waves: An Informal Scientific Biography
The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty
Sense and Sensibility.
Looking Up, TM Yinka Shoni B are, MB E
Mount Caburn. a Poem, Etc.
The Constitution Goes to College: Five Constitutional Ideas That Have Shaped the American University
Exp dition Au P le Antarctique Des Corvettes l'Astrolabe Et La Z l e, Sous Le Commandement de M. D. d'U. Extrait Des Annales Maritimes Et Coloniales.
Mammon. a Poem.
Teen Crafts
The Geological Difficulty of the Age Theory. an Examination of Mr. P. Bayne's Defence of the Testimony of the Rocks..
Inaugural Address on Taking the Chair as President of the New-York Historical Society.
Notice Sur La R publique Argentine.
An Address to the Board of Aldermen and Members of the Common Council of Boston, on the Organization of the City Government, Jan. 2, 1826.
Opposition of Railroads to Enactment of Federal Hours of Service Law and Efforts of Federal Government to Enforce Same
The Errors of the Church of Rome, Exhibited in a Sermon, Preached by P. A. Baines, Exposed and Refuted.
Barataria; Or, Sancho Turn'd Governor; A Farce in Two Acts. a New Edition.
Concerning Pembrokeshire, a Lecture, Etc.
L. Geo. III. C. 41.] an ACT for Watching and More Effectually Lighting ... and Otherwise Improving the Town of Kingston-Upon-Hull, Etc.
Modern Refinement, a Satire [in Verse]. by the Author of the Register of Folly, or Characters and Incidents at Bath and the Hot Wells, Etc.
Order. a Poem.
Code Malais Des Successions Et Du Mariage. Notes Et Observations 3e Et Dernier Fascicule.
The New Marriage. in Ten Tableaux.
Remarks ... at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Boston Exchange.
Empire at the Periphery: British Colonists, Anglo-Dutch Trade, and the Development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713
The Parish of Selworthy in the County of Somerset: Some Notes on Its History. [With Illustrations.]
Maximilian in Mexico. a Woman's Reminiscences of the French Intervention. 1862-1867. [Illustrated.]
Versuch Uber Die Slawischen Bewohner Der Osterreichischen Monarchie.
Five Years in Siam from 1891 to 1896 ... with Maps and Illustrations by the Author. Vol. II
Les Fiefs Et Les Seigneuries Du Ponthieu and Du Vimeu. Essai Sur Leur Transmission Depuis l'An 1000 Jusqu'en 1789
Washington in Lincoln's Time.
The Blood of the Vampire. [A Tale.]
Wives and Daughters. an Every-Day Story ... with Eighteen Illustrations by George Du Maurier. Vol. I.
The Keepers of the People. [A Tale.]
Hadjira. a Turkish Love Story. by Adalet..
de Kaffers Aan de Zuidkust Van Afrika, Natuur En Geschiedkundig Beschreuen. [Translated from the German Manuscript by Jan Konijnenburg.]
Gotham and the Gothamites. New York and the New Yorkers. Translated by F. C. Valentine.
Old Concord: Her Highways and Byways ... Illustrated.
Old Salem. Edited by Arlo Bates.
Garrick in the Green Room! a Biographical and Critical Analysis of a Picture, Painted by William Hogarth and Engraved by William Ward. [with a Key to the Picture.] Ms. Notes [by G. Daniel].
Centennial Celebration. Proceedings in Connection with the Celebration at New Bedford, September 14th, 1864, of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Dartmouth.
London (Illustrated). a Complete Guide to the Leading Hotels, Places of Amusement ... Also a Directory ... of First-Class Reliable Houses in the Various Branches of Trade.
Famous Rides in All Ages and in Many Lands ... Illustrated, Etc.
Classified Catalogue of the Library of the ... Institution, Etc.
Semi-Tropical Florida; Its Climate, Soil and Productions, with a Sketch of Its History ... Second Edition.
The Valley of a Hundred Fires. by the Author of Margaret and Her Bridesmaids, [Julia Cecilia Stretton], Etc.
The Conspirator. a Romance of Real Life. by Count Paul P-. Edited, or Rather, Written by Frank Harkut. [Pseud i.e. F. Keruth.] Vol. II
Darrell's Dream. an Unexplained Romance.
Theo Leigh. a Novel.
Eleanor's Victory. Vol. II.
The Richest Merchant in Rotterdam. a Novel.
L'Allemagne de M. de Bismarck.
Checkmated. [A Novel.] ... Second Edition.
A Plunge Into the Sahara. an Adventure of To-Day ... with Illustrations by P. Crampel.
Revenue Assurance: Expert Opinions for Communications Providers
Holland and Belgium: How to See Them for Seven Guineas, Etc.
A Paraphrase on the Song of the Three Children. in Irregular Stanzas. [by Mark Le Pla. Edited by Edmund Massey.]
Over Den Invloed Der Indische, Arabische En Europeesche Beschaving Op de Volken Van Den Indischen Archipel, Etc. [a Lecture.]
Two Hymns on the Nativity of Christ.
The Blind Boy: A Melodrama, in Two Acts, Etc. [by W. B. Hewetson.]
Jordan: The Seatonian Prize Poem for 1883.
Early Kentish Wills. Communicated by J. G. Reprinted from Arch ologia Cantiana. Vol. XI.
Manchester a Hundred Years Ago, Illustrated by Sketches Taken at the Period. [twelve Woodcuts with Brief Descriptive Text.]
The Plains of Abraham, 1759, a Spot Sacred to the Memory of Wolfe and Montcalm. an Appeal to All Canada for the Preservation of the Plains of Abraham as Portion of the Public Domain.
Studyguide for Thinking about Psychology Mini Book: The Science of Mind and Behavior by Blair-Broeker, Charles, ISBN 9781429206877
A Peep at the Lakes of Killarney in August, 1872.
Women's Tragedies.
The Neapolitan Commander, a Romance of Sea and Land.
Studyguide for International Relations, 06-07 Edition by Goldstein, ISBN 9780205556038
Studyguide for Constitutional Law and Politics, Volume 1: Struggles for Power and Governmental Accountability by Obrien, David M., ISBN 9780393930382
Into Temptation. [A Novel.]Vol. II.
Only a Singer. a Novel.
Miss Carew. [A Collection of Tales.]
The Tragedy of Life: Being Records of Remarkable Phases of Lunacy, Kept by a Physician.
The Loneliness Experience
For True Love's Sake. a Tale of Paris.
The Master of the Hounds. by Scrutator [I.E. K. W. Horlock].
History of the Late War, Between the United States and Great Britain. Illustrated with Plates. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected
Inventaris Van Het Archief Der Gemeente Dordrecht. Opgemaakt Door Mr. P. Van Den Brandeler. (Suppletoire Inventaris.).Derde Gedeelte
The Book of Blood. an Authentic Record of the Policy Adopted by Modern Spain to Put an End to the War for the Independence of Cuba ... 1873.
The Trials of the Tredgolds. a Novel. Second Edition.
The History of North Carolina. Vol. I
Wat for the End. a Story.
J. Nissen's Danmarks Historie I Udtog. Fjerde Udgave Besorget AF F. Barfod.
The Golden Shaft. [A Novel.] Vol. II.
The Changeling of Brandlesome.
Deutschen Ortsnamen, Die
Histoire Du Pont-de-Beauvoisin.
Cognitive Investing: The Key to Making Better Investment Decisions
Six Months in Ascension. an Unscientific Account of a Scientific Expedition, Etc. [with an Introduction by Sir D. Gill.] with a Map.
The Release, or Caroline's French Kindred.
PH Be, Junior. a Last Chronicle of Carlingford.
Deutsche Pilgerreisen Nach Dem Heiligen Lande.
Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus.
Sizilien Und Andere Gegenden Italiens. Reiseerinnerungen.
Old Crusty's Niece.
Wanderungen in Spanien Und Portugal, 1881-82.
Histoire Des Voyages. Les Explorateurs Contemporains. Livingstone. Stanley. Nordenskiold. Crevaux. Savorgnan de Brazza.
Bouquinistes Et Bouquineurs. Physiologie Des Quais de Paris Du Pont Royal Au Pont Sully. Illustrations D'E. Mas
Stable Solutions of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Three in Norway; By Two of Them [I. A. Lees and W. Clutterbuck]. with Map and Illustrations from Sketches by the Authors.
Praxisguide Wissensmanagement: Planung, Umsetzung, Controlling Von E-Learning Im Unternehmen
Post-war Jewish Women's Writing in French: Juives Francaises Ou Francaises Juives?
The Recruiting Serjeant, a Musical Entertainment.
Van Arkel's Oude Veste. Geschied- En Oudheidkundige Aanteekeningen Betreffende de Stad Gorinchem En Hare Voornaamste Gebouwen En Instellingen.
An Address Delivered on the Centennial Celebration to the People of Hollis, N.H.
Names of Places in the and Adjacent to the Gold Coast Protectorate.
Happy Homes: A Christmas Story, in One Chapter.
Pamphlets on Various Subjects, Signed: Silver Spur.
Loren Day, Et Al., Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Guy S. Walden, Defendant in Error
Smithfield. a Paper Read Before the London and Middlesex Arch ological Society's Meeting ... on ... 12th April, 1880.
The Olive Branch, a Poem.
The Perfect Devotional for People Who Aren't
The End of the Fall: A View of the World and Its Future
The Colors of Malent: Book One
Historias Subterraneas
Marjolijn Dijkman: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
Occupation Analysis in Practice
Oxford Advanced American Dictionary for learners of English: A dictionary for English language learners (ELLs) with CD-ROM that develops vocabulary and writing skills
Constructing the Ineffable: Contemporary Sacred Architecture
Family Child Care Basics: Advice, Activities, and Information to Create a Professional Program
A Brief History of the United States Boundary Question. Drawn Up from Official Papers.
The Discovery of America by the Northmen. 985-1015, Etc. (Reprinted from the Proceedings of the New Hampshire Historical Society.).
L'Abbaye Et La Ville de Nantua, Etc
Simply Pay Attention
Ueber Den Ursprung Quedlinburgs. Ein Historischer Versuch, Etc.
Henneberg. Ein Fliegendes Blatt. on the Etymology of the Name
The Battle of Lexington: With Personal Recollections of Men Engaged in It. ... Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Etc.
A Real Robinson Crusoe. Being the Story of the Experiences of a Company of Castaways on a Pacific Island. Edited from the Survivor's Own Narrative B
The Channel Tunnel. Lord Lansdowne's Report Presented to the Select Committee of the House of Lords and House of Commons, on 10th July, 1883.
Esther Hill's Secret, Vol. I
Les Allemands Chez Eux.
Right and Left. a Novel.
Upper Bohemians. [A Novel.]
Fannette; Or a Brave Young Woman; A Shropshire Romance. Part I. to Which Is Subjoined, a Farcical Story, Entitled, a False Position. PT. 1.
A Round of Days Described in Original Poems by Some of Our Most Celebrated Poets, and in Pictures by Eminent Artists Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel.
Saint Ann's. a Novel.
The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, with Photographic Illustrations by G. W. Wilson. (Prefatory Notice by W. M. Rossetti.).
Groundwater Hydrology: Engineering, Planning, and Management
The Three Clerks. a Novel. Vol. I
Historical, Legendary, and Romantic Tales from the Works of Sir Walter Scott. Selected by W. T. Dobson. with Illustrations, Etc.
Seattle in Black and White: The Congress of Racial Equality and the Fight for Equal Opportunity
The Eustace Diamonds. Vol. I
Phineas Finn, the Irish Member. with Twenty Illustrations by J. E. Millais. Vol. I.
Out of India. Things I Saw, and Failed to See, in Certain Days and Nights at Jeypore and Elsewhere. [Including Letters of Marque and the City of Dreadful Night.]
Manipulative Monkeys: The Capuchins of Lomas Barbudal
Travels in the History of Architecture
F. H. a Novel [By Julia Wedgwood].
The Lay of the Last Minstrel. by Sir Walter Scott, ... with All His Introductions, and the Editor's Notes. Illustrated by ... Engravings ... from Drawings by Birket Foster and John Gilbert.
Patricia Kemball. a Novel.
The Red-House Mystery. a Novel.
Foote's Prologue Detected; With a Miniature Prose Epilogue of His Manner of Speaking It. by Philo-Technicus Miso-Mimides.
A Match Pair. a Novel.
A Trick of Fame. [A Tale.]
A Proctor's Wooing. [A Tale.]
A Little Taste of Jamaica
The Dead Secret. Vol. II
The New Handbook to the Downs Neighbourhood; Being a ... Guide to Deal, Walmer, Sandwich, and the Surrounding Villages, Etc. Vol.I
A Lady's Tour in Corsica. Vol. I.
Recuerdos del Monasterio de Piedra.
Sopra Alcune Carte Manoscritte Presentate All'esposizione Internazionale Geografica Di Venezia. Lettera E Documenti.
Leerboek Der Wiskundige Aardrijkskunde Ten Dienste Van Het Middelbaar Onderwijs ... Met Een Voorrede Van Dr J. J. Kreenen.
The Iliad of Homer, Translated by Mr. Pope, Volume IV
Along River and Road in Fuh-Kien, China ... with a Map and Illustrations ... by the Author.
Life in the Cut. [A Novel.]
The Orient and Its People.
Posthumous Gleanings from a Country Rector's Study. Also Essays Contributed to the Saturday Review. Edited by the REV. R. B. Kinsman.
Kilkenny City and County Guide and Directory, Etc. [With a Map.]
The Halliford Edition of the Works of Thomas Love Peacock. Edited by H. F. B. Brett-Smith and C. E. Jones.
Solitary Rambles, and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies ... with Illustrations.
The Advance-Guard of Western Civilization.
The History of Deptford, in the Counties of Kent and Surrey, Compiled from Authentic Records. Second Edition
Our Cruise in the Claymore, with a Visit to Damascus and the Lebanon.
A Sermon [on Joel II. 13] Preached on March 12, 1800, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast.
A Descriptive Guide to Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne and Corfe Castle ... Illustrated with Map and Photographs.
The United States of America, as They Are, Etc.
Umriss Einer Christlichen Weltgeschichte.
B. G. ... Geschiedenis Der Nationale Synode, in 1618 En 1619 Gehouden Te Dordrecht, in Hare Voorgeschiedenis, Handelingen En Gevolgen. Eerste Deel
Crests from the Ocean World; Or, Experiences in a Voyage to Europe, Etc.
Geschichte Der Deutschen Union Von Den Vorbereitungen Des Bundes Bis Zum Tode Kaiser Rudolphs II. (1598-1612). Bd. 1-2. Zweiter Band
Cincinnati's Beginnings. Missing Chapters in the Early History of the City and the Miami Purchase: Chiefly from ... Unpublished Documents.
Viaggio Di Un Naturalista Intorno Al Mondo ... Traduzione ... del Professore Michele Lessona, Etc.
Guide to Ireland. (Second Edition.) [With Illustrations.]
To-Day in America. Studies for the Old World and the New.
Des Iles Marquises Et Des Colonies de la France. Extraits Des Voyages Autour Du Monde
A History of the City of Brooklyn and Kings County ... Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by A. Black.
Voyages Et S jours Dans l'Am rique Du Sud. La Nouvelle-Grenade, Santiago de Cuba, La Jama que Et l'Isthme de Panama.
Theilung Der Erde Unter Papst Alexander VI. Und Julius II., Die
Histoire de Flandre. Tome Premier
Illustrirtes Gedenkbuch Der Kriegsereignisse Des Jahres 1866, Etc.
Sammlung Von Nachrichten ber Die K nigliche Freie Bergstadt Reichenstein in Topographischer Und Statistischer Beziehung. Mit Rissen Und Kupfern.
Befreiungshalle Bei Kelheim., Die
The Santiago Campaign.
Old Barnet.
In Cuba with Shafter, Etc.
Geschichte Des Kreises Neustadt in Westpreussen
Neue Folge. III. Theil.
The Youth's History of the United States.
Jaarboeken Der Sint-Jorisgilde Van Gent.
An Essay on Genius; Or, the Philosophy of Literature.
The Squire. [A Novel.] Volume III
The Prince Who Did Not Want To Be King
Makers of Modern India
Letters from Dr. J. G. in Defence of His Essay on the Difference of the Relation Between Motive and Action, and That of Cause and Effect in Physics: With Replies by A. Crombie.
Witch Hunt: Essays on the U.S Auto Industry and the Blithering Idiots Who Almost Killed it
Healers of the Soul
Distributed Computing: Principles, Algorithms, and Systems
Gertrude Cameron. a Novel.
Fall, Learn, Rise
A Secret Mission.
Cross Currents. a Novel, Etc.
Edith Frankheart; Or, the Baronet's Daughter.
Do Well and Doubt Not. a Novel. by the Author of Great Catches [E. F. Blakiston]. Vol. I
The Italians. [A Novel.] Vol. II
The Hangman's Daughter. a Romance. by the Author of Mildred Winnerley, Etc.
Mine Own Familiar Friend, Etc.
The Double Coronet. a Novel. by the Author of My First Season, [I.E. Elizabeth S. Sheppard], Etc.
Epochs in the Past of Huntingdonshire. the Substance of a Lecture, Etc.
Oration Delivered at the Commemoration of the Landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland.
The Sheriff's Turn, Co. Wilts, A.D. 1439.
Report of the Congressional Committee on the Operations of the Army of the Potomac.
Earnings of Machinists Compared with Earnings of Engineers and Firemen
The D---- [i.E. Dutch] Deputies. a Satyr. [in Verse.]
An Ode Humbly Inscrib'd to the King, Occasion'd by His Majesty's Most Auspicious Succession and Arrival, Etc.
Een Bezoek Op Het Eiland St. Helena in October 1837.
The Vision. a Poem.
Report of Trial of Walsall Election Petition, 1892
The Sufferings of the Primitive Martyrs: A Prize Poem.
Lohengrin Fifty Years After. [a Poem.] by One of the Folk.
Historical Sketch of St. Anthony and Minneapolis, with Statistics of Business ... from Their First Settlement to November, 1855.
Sommaire Recit Des Progres de l'Armee Du Roy En Sauoye, and de la Prinse Des Places, and Victoires Obtenues En Ladito Prouince. [a Facsimile Reprint of the Edition of 1597.]
Walking in the Light. a Daily Companion Containing Scripture Texts and Hymns for a Month. [illustrated.]
Life at the Disposal of God. a Sermon [on Job. IX. 12] ... on the ... Death of ... the Princess Charlotte Augusta.
The Splendor of Light
Transformados Por La Luz
30 a OS de Silencio
Desde La Acera
Spellbound: The Awakening of Aislin Collins
Cowboys Count, Monkeys Measure and Princesses Problem Solve: Building Early Maths Skills through Storybooks
Dichos de Sabiduria E Inspiracion Para Oradores y Predicadores
The Soul Takers
Texas Through Time: Evolving Interpretations
Deuce-Advantage Love
War for a Ball
Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Pathogenesis of Huntington's Disease
Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in South Asia
Food Value, Nutritional and Biochemical Properties of Nepalese Yams
Historia de Suiza.
Letters of Gen. Scott and Secretary Marcy, Relating to the Mexican War.
Histoire de la Commune de Paris
Reise in Den Andes Von Chile Und Argentinien. Mit Uebersichtskarte Und 2 Specialkarten.
Entwicklung Des Politischen Wahlrechts in Hamburg., Die
Lettres A M. Le Glay, Sur La Derniere Edition de La Chronique Latine de Balderic.
Managing for Employee Engagement Participant Workbook
Die Pariser Kommune 1871 Unter Den Augen Der Deutschen Truppen. Mit Einem Farbigen Plane Von Paris.
Panda3d 1.7 Game Developer's Cookbook
Historia de La Administracion de D. Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada.
Celtx: Open Source Screenwriting Beginner's Guide
OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook
Recherches Sur La Nature Et Les Lois de L'Imagination.
Beschreibung Der Tolense. Ein Beitrag Zur Vaterlandskunde.
Geschichte Der Festung Weichselmunde Bis Zur Preussischen Besitznahme 1793. Aus Dem Kriegs-Archive Des Grossen Generalstabes. Mit Skizzen.
Chronik Von Langenbielau, Nebst Den Wichtigsten Begebenheiten Aus Seiner Umgebung, Etc.
Miettes de L'Histoire de Gand. Les Cosaques, 1814.
Geschichte Und Unterricht in Der Geschichte, Etc.
Bad Bertrich Und Seine Umgebungen.
Elementos de Historia Universal Quinta Edicion, Notablemente Aumentada y Corregida
Frankenbund. Dessen Ursprung Und Entwickelung, Der
Repentance Tower and Its Tradition.
Modern Poets. a Dialogue in Verse.
Enter a Samurai: Kawakami Otojiro and Japanese Theatre in the West, Volume 1
The Desirableness of Death to a Believer. the Substance of a Sermon [on Phil. I. 23] Preached Nov. Sixth, 1831, on the Death of the Rev. W. Hague, Etc.
Songs, Duets, Trios, Etc. in the Duenna; Or, Double Elopement [by R. B. Sheridan.]. Sixth Edition.
The Death of a Young Seaman Bewailed and Improved. a Sermon Preached ... Dec. 27, 1818; In Consequence of the Melancholy Fate of John Adams, Who Was Lost in the Gulf of Finland.
Evangelischen Geistlichen Im Feldzuge Von 1866, Etc., Die
Guerre Du Second Empire Contre L'Allemagne. Lettres Critiques. [Translated from the German.], La
Jean Chouan Et La Chouannerie. [The Preface Signed: Michel de R***.]
Kaiserthum Russland in Europa, Asien Und Amerika ... Mit Einer Historisch-Geographischen Karte., Das
St. Petersburg, Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Unserer Zeit in Briefen Aus Den Jahren 1810, 1811 Und 1812. Mit Einem ... Plane Von St. Petersburg.
Ernstes Und Heiteres Aus Mecklenburg. Gesammelt Von H. C. D. Staudingersen
Primary Macronutrients Application Management for Maize Crop
Soft Computing Methodologies for Cluster Analysis and Gene Prediction
Lettres de Coray Au Protopsalte de Smyrne, Dimitrio Lotos, Sur Les Evenements de La Revolution Francaise, 1782-1793. Traduites Du Grec; Et Publiees Par Le MIS de Queux de Saint-Hilaire.
Explorations Francaises A L'Interieur de La Guyane Pendant Le Second Quart Du Xviiie Siecle, 1720-1742. Extrait Du Bulletin de Geographie Historique Et Descriptive. 1894.
Structural Assessment of Knowledge for Misconceptions
How Users and Employees Interact When Developing a New Product
Antitumor Activity in Eulophia Campestris and Eulophia Nuda: In Vivo
Sonnets of Love, Life and Death. by R. F. T. [i.E. R. F. Towndrow.]
The Geographical Progress of Empire and Civilization
Adventures and Sketches at New Brighton [in Verse]. by One Short [i.E. Alfred Short?].
The Causidicade. a Panegryri-Satiri-Comic-Dramatical Poem. on the Strange Resignation, and Stranger Promotion. by Porcupinus Pelagius. the Second Edition.
How to Use Social Media Communities in Marketing
A History of the Town and Parish of Nantwich, or Wich-Malbank, in the County Palatine of Chester.
Due Questioni Relative Alla Geografia Antica Della Sardegna. Estratto Dalla Rivista Di Filologia Ed Istruzione Classica-Anno VI
The Campaigns in Virginia 1861-62. Reprinted from the Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine..
Miles Tremenhere. a Novel.
The Straits of Malacca, Indo-China, and China; Or Ten Years' Travels, Adventures, and Residence Abroad ... Illustrated ... by J. D. Cooper, Etc.
For Percival. [A Novel.] Vol. II
Everest the Challenge
A Memoir on the North Eastern Boundary in Connection with Mr. Jay's Map. Together with a Speech on the Same Subject by the Hon. D. Webster.
The Philosophy of Human Nature, Containing a Complete History of Human Interests. to Which Is Added, an Essay on the Origin of Evil.
Cursory Remarks on the Physical and Moral History of the Human Species, and Its Connections with Surrounding Agency.
Het Rationalistisch-Idealisme. Eene Historische Beschouwing Over Den Invloed Van de Revolutie Van 1789.
Understanding the Mystery of Individuality
The Exploration of Australia. [With a Map.]
New Enzyme Inhibitors Found in Medicinal Plants
Fate of Silver in an Aquatic System Inhabited by Hediste Diversicolor
Thermal Feasibility of Trombe Wall Utilization in a Model Building
A History of Ohio, with Biographical Sketches of Her Governors and the Ordinance of 1787.
Prisoner of War, or Five Months Among the Yankees. by A. Rifleman, Esq., Gent.
The Traditionary Annals of the Cymry ... Reprinted from the Cambrian Journal. PT. 1-3.
History of the United States Under the Constitution [1783-1861]. Vol. II.
Aloude Staat En Geschiedenis Des Vaderlands ... Met Eene Kaart. Eerste Deel
Von 1806 Bis 1866. Zur Vorgeschichte Des Neuen Deutsche Reichs.
Integrated Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse
Histoire Des Evenements Militaires Et Des Conspirations Orangistes de La Revolution En Belgique de 1830 a 1833, Redigee D'Apres Les Memoires Du General Niellon Avec Pieces Justificatives A L'Appui.
Hawkshead: The Northernmost Parish of Lancashire. Its History, Archaeology, Industries, Folklore, Dialect, Etc. Etc. [With Illustrations and Maps.]
Heal Your Brain: How the New Neuropsychiatry Can Help You Go from Better to Well
Pigeon Racing
Controlling und Change Management: Aufgaben der Controller in Veranderungsprozessen
Showtime: Acting Scenes for Two Actors
Creative Conformity: The Feminist Politics of U.S. Catholic and Iranian Shi'i Women
A Companion to Roman Religion
Chemical Demonstrations, Volume Five: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry
Leadership and Policy in Education
One Maiden Only. [A Novel.] Vol. III
Alte Weida Mit Seinen Kirchen Und Klostern., Das
Friedrich Der Grosse Und Der Netzedistrikt.
Held in Bondage, Or, Granville de Vigne. a Tale of the Day. by Ouida.
Gertrude Cameron
Golden Bullets, a Story in the Days of Akber and Elizabeth.
Wayfe Summers. the Story of an Inner and an Outer Life.
The Loyal Mountaineers of Tennessee.
Bemerkungen Auf Einer Reise Durch Einen Theil Der Schweiz Und Einige Ihrer Naechsten Umgebungen, Etc.
The Great Charlie
Annales Bingenses, Das Ist, Chronick Oder Zeitregister Der Uhralten Statt Bingen Am Rhein, Von Ihrem Herkommen, Auch Wass Sich In, Und in Diesse Ordnung Bracht Durch J. Schollium Anno Domini MDCXIII
Wilderness Adventure
The Gentle Art of Walking
South Col - One Man's Adventure on the Ascent of Everest, 1953
Walking in the Welsh Borders
Walking in Somerset
In the Sweet West Country. [A Novel.]
Walking in Cornwall
Biochemistry Applied to Beer Brewing - General Chemistry of the Raw Materials of Malting and Brewing
Who Is the Victor? [A Tale.]
Den Skandinavska Nordens Historia. Vol.I
Rambles in the Old World
Proceedings of the Conventions of the Province of Maryland, Held at ... Annapolis in 1774, 1775 and 1776.
The Story of the French Revolution.
A History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Death of Domitian. [With a Map.]
10e Tirage Precede D'Une Preface, Et Suivie de 'la Belgique Depuis 1830 Et Leopold Ier, ' Poemes Couronnes Aux Concours de 1855 Et 1856.
Commune de Louvain, Ses Troubles Et Ses Emeutes Au Xviie Et Au Xviiie Siecle D'Apres Des Documents Inedits, Etc., La
Beleg En Verdediging Van Haarlem in 1572 En 1573. Historisch Beschreven.
Saint Paul's to the Highlands and Back. Letters Describing the Trip
The First Napoleon. a Sketch Political and Military
North Sea Pilot. Part I, Fourth Edition
The Pictorial History of the United States of America, from the Discovery by the Northmen in the Tenth Century to the Present Time. Embellished with Engravings from Drawings by W. Croome. Vol. III
Oldenbarneveld, de Staten Van Holland En Leycester in 1585 En 1586. Eene Bijdrage ... Tot de Waardering Van Eenige Historische Voorstelingen in Den Roman.
Adventures of the Connaught Rangers. Second Series. Vol. II
Studyguide for Security Studies by Williams, Paul, ISBN 9780415425629
Mr. K. and the Quarterlys. by an Old Reviewer. by A. Hayward. a Comment on the Criticisms Upon The Invasion of the Crimea.
William Goyen: Selected Letters from a Writer's Life
The Seals Opened; Or, The Apocalypse Explained
Southern Passages And Pictures
de Revolutie Van 1789 in Frankrijk En Nederland, Etc.
The Genius And Wisdom Of Sir Walter Scott, Comprising Moral, Religious, Political, Literary, And Social Aphorisms, Selected Carefully From His Various Writings, With A Memoir
The American Lounger, Or, Tales, Sketches, And Legends, Gathered In Sundry Journeyings
The Sword And Garment
Glossary Hindustani And English To The New Testament And Psalms
A Treatise On Deformities - Exhibiting A Concise View Of The Nature And Treatment Of The Principal Distortions And Contractions Of Limbs, Joints, And Spine
Histoire D'Avesnes-Le-Comte, Ancienne Ville de La Province D'Artois
Anthropological Papers Of The American Museum Of Natural History
Gerichtsbarkeits-Topographie Von Der Mittelmark, Der Priegnitz, Der Uckermark Und Einem Theile Der Altmark.
Geschichte Von Steinbach- Und Amt Hallenberg
Les Bauges. Histoire Et Documents. II Volume
Histoire D'Ancenis Et de Ses Barons
Ostfriesland Land Und Volk in Wort Und Bild. Mit Holzschnitten, Etc.
Aus Vergangenen Tagen Des Reussenlandes Und Der Stadt Schleiz. Herausgegeben Vom Geschichts- U. Altertumsforschenden Verein Zu Schleiz.
Souvenirs D'Un Membre de La Commune, Etc.
Geschichte Von Bischweiler, Nebst Einer Statistischen Darstellung Des Heutigen Zustandes Dieses Ortes. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Elsasses Mit Einem Plane Von Bischweiler Und Einigen Beilagen, Etc
Excursions Sur Les Bords Du Rhin, En Hollande Et En Belgique, Etc. [With Plates.]
Geschichte Der Stadt Torgau Bis Zur Zeit Der Reformation
Historia de Los Voluntarios Cubanos ... Segunda Edicion. Tom. 1.
Schlacht Bei St. Jakob an Der Birs. Eine Kritische Untersuchung, Etc. [With a Sketch-Map.], Die
Geschichte Der Stadt Strehlen in Preussisch-Schlesien.
Memoria Historica de La Villa de Santa Clara y Su Jurisdiccion.
Grossherzogthum Hessen Nach Geschichte, Land, Volk, Staat Und Oertleichkeit Beschrieben, Das
Studyguide for Sociology by Schaefer, Richard T., ISBN 9780073404332
Studyguide for Introduction to Psychology by Kalat, James W., ISBN 9780495810919
Altenburg Im Jahre 1813
Compendio de la Historia de Santo Domingo. Segunda Edicion, Aumentada, Etc.Tome II.
Tote Listoire de France Chronique Saintongeaise. Now First Edited from the Only Two Mss., with Introduction, Appendices, and Notes, by F. W. Bourdillon with Prefatory Letter by Gaston Paris
Adelsberger Grotte ... Mit Einem Situations-Plane Der Grotte., Die
Nebraska and the Territories as Developed by Railroad Building and Operation
Increase in the Number of Empty and Loaded Cars in Freight Trains, 1900-1913
The City of Ottawa and Its Surroundings, Etc. [with Plates.]
Hours of Service of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen Based on Exhibits Numbers 26 and 27, Western Conference Committee of Managers
Vancouver Island. Exploration. 1864. [A Report Presented to the Vancouver Island Exploration Committee by R. Brown, Commander of the Vancouver Island Exploration Expedition.]
The Whole of the Trial of the Hon. Charles Wyndham, on a Charge of Adultery, with Sophia, the Wife of Anthony Hodges, Esq
Repubblica Argentina E Il Commercio Italo-Platense., La
Bagatelle Et Les Villas de la Banlieue d'Agen. 1525-1897
A Discourse on the Moral Tendencies and Results of Human History, Delivered Before the Society of Alumni, in Yale College, Etc.
The Corruption of the Times by Money. a Satyr [in Verse].
Reiseskizzen. an Ort Und Stelle Gezeichnet Und Nebst Einer Kurzen Beschreibung in Tondruck Herausgegeben.
The Christian Duty of Studying to Be Quiet in Restless Times. a Sermon [on 1 Thess. IV. 11], Etc.
The History and Development of Races. Annual Address Before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Begin. Index. the Crisis Emigration, Etc. [a Sketch of the History of Newfoundland from 1846 to 1854, Etc.]
Knapsack Handbook; Or, Pedestrian's Guide ... Second Edition.
Kittredge vs. Warren
Celadon; Or, the Bright Example; A Pastoral on the Death of His Royal Highness the P. of Denmark.
The Gymnasiad, or Boxing Match; A Very Short But Very Curious Epic Poem: With the Prolegomena of Scriblerus Tertius, and Notes Variorum. [by P. Whitehead.]
The Political House That Jack Built. [satires in Verse.] with ... Cuts. Fifteenth Edition.
A Reverie on Tenby Bay, and Other Poems.
A Letter to Mr. F[oo]te. Occasioned by the Christian and Critical Remarks on His Interlude Called the Minor. to Which Is Added, an Appendix, Relative to a Serious Address to the Methodists Themselves.
The Hand and the Scroll. a Sermon [on Ezek. II. 9, 10] on the Sudden Death of H. Woodmansey, Esq., Mayor of Doncaster.
Pentachord. [religious Poems.]
Address Delivered Before the Rhode Island Historical Society, at the Opening of Their Cabinet, Etc. [with an Appendix.]
The Divine Being a God That Hideth Himself. a Sermon [on Is. XLV. 15], Etc.
Samson: An Oratorio [altered and Adapted to the Stage from the Samson Agonistes of Milton, by N. Hamilton] as Performed at the Theatre in Oxford.
A Mysterious Providence Improved. a Sermon [on 1 Sam. XX. 3] Preached on the Occasion of the Death of the Rev. S. Sunderland.
Report of Capt. E. W. ... on the Islands of the Samoa Group, Etc.
On the Best and the Worst Methods of Teaching Geography, Etc.
Selections from the Writings [in Prose and Verse] of G. G.
Ionian Islands. Debate on the Motion of Lord C. Fitzroy, for an Address to Her Majesty ... June 23, 1840.
Reasons for Returning the Gold Medal of the Geographical Society of France, and for Withdrawing from Its Membership; In a Letter to M. de la Roquette, General Secretary, Etc.
The Jacobite Conventicle. a Poem [by Richard Ames].
Sanctified Remembrance. a Sermon [on Heb. XIII. 7] Preached on Occasion of the Death of the Rev. T. Stratten.
Gross Wien. Skizze Seines Entstchens Und Beschreibung Seiner Neuen Grenzen. Mit Einer Karte, Etc.
American Photographs. Vol. II
Introduction to the History of the Peace, from 1800 to 1815.
The Authentic Records of the Court of England for the Last Seventy Years. [By Lady Anne Hamilton.]
The Amazon, and the Atlantic Slopes of South America. a Series of Letters Published in the National Intelligencer and Union Newspapers, Under the Signature of Inca. Revised, Etc.
The Christian's Duty to God and the Constitution, at All Times; But Especially at This Critical Juncture, Etc. Third Edition.
Geschied- En Letterkundige Herinneringen
Staemme Und Staaten Griechenlands ... II. Abschnitt: Messenien Und Lakonien. Programm, Etc.
Through the Breakers. a Novel.
The Opinions of the Judge and the Colonel as to the Vast Resources of Colorado, Etc.
Histoire Anecdotique Du Second Empire. Par Un Ancien Fonctionnaire
The Pharaohs and Their People. Scenes of Old Egyptian Life and History. with Numerous Illustrations.
Extracts from a Journal, Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico ... Third Edition. [With a Map.]
Inventaris Van Het Oud Archief Der Gemeente Doesburg.
Ten Centuries of European Progress. with Maps.
A History of the English and Scotch Rebellions of 1685, Etc.
Collection Des Opuscules Lyonnais
Studies of Assassination
The History of the Revolution of Caracas with a Description of the Llaneros, or People of the Plains of South America
Our Great West. a Lecture, Etc.

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