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My name is Prince Henry…….i am a teacher by profession…..i was into ponzi scheme….MMM precisely….i have lost a lot of cash in it… From 2016 cease mavro to July/August cease mavro….not until I met an old friend on facebook who introduced me to a network business (not a ponzi scheme) called 3P EXCEL…..I registered immediately…. I earn 450k in 7 day with hardwork and little support from their team💥💥💥
Brief Overview of 3pexcel

Permit me to introduce you to a life changing opportunity 3Pexcel

3Pexcel means: People, Products and Profits

It’s a people’s business. 3PExcel
company is an e -marketing establishment fully running on multi level marketing /Network marketing is fully registered.
The company is in partner with Xeap Group Incorporated in California USA, 2016 which deals in high end IT, Infrastructure, procurement and Installation, Outsourcing, Training, Finance and Consulting. Through these platform, the products includes:

1. Travels: This covers flight booking, land transport, airport shuttle, car hire and chatter, visa Assistance as well as travel insurance.

2. E-commerce platform where you can shop online at discounted rate as a member.

3. Insurance which includes : life cover and social welfare

4. Investment: educational support, individual savings, premium savings

5. Finance: we give free interest micro loans, project funding

6. Education : Training & Certifications as well as vocational skills acquisition

7. Real Estate :property acquisition as well as documentation

8. IT: which includes web development and hardware Engineering

9. Law: legal consulting

However to enjoy these and more,
the company charges u once in a lifetime via Registration fee of $100,
#30,000(Nigerians), G380(Ghanians), R1120(South Africans),which also entitles u to have d member discount card.

Since the company is an e-marketing establishment running on multi level marketing/Network marketing, they designed d following Compensation/Reward System based on 2*2 Forced matrix all through:
For Nigerians, $1=N300.

Direct bonus when u refer one person is #15,000,
Indirect bonus #7,500.

They operate an unmatched binary system, meaning no balancing of legs b4 earning.


(1) Silver Stage

u earn #60,000
Note all payments made direct to ur local bank account instantly, not monthly, not weekly, not daily, but instantly

(2) Gold Stage
u earn #90,000

(3) Platinum Stage
u earn #300,000 + Electronics worth #150,000. Or u receive all in cash total #450,000

(4) Ruby Stage
u earn #1,500,000 + Intl Trip worth #1,800,000. Or u receive cash total of #3,300,000

(5) Emerald Stage
U earn #6,000,000 + An SUV CAR worth #9,000,000. Or u collect cash total of #15,000,000. SUV cars

(6) Finally Diamond Stage
u earn #15,000,000 + A Duplex worth #30,000,000. Or u collect cash total of 45 000,000

In Summary, all that is required of u to reach d /Top is simple;
Sign up 2 active partners who continues to duplicate same down d line “Team work is introduced and encouraged”. But, Team smart will place 2 under you, just register and get ur 2 .

Click to join us now, if you can invest just 30k

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