When You Are Deaf And Slaying – Meet Beautiful Deaf Instagram Slayqueen As She Shares Her Inspiring Story

Meet Beautiful Ayanna Michele, who is totally deaf that just took to Instagram to share her inspiring story.

According to Michele, she was not born deaf but had hearing problems and started using hearing aids when she was 6 years old but went completely deaf this year, 2017. Though she was given an option by her doctors to go through the rigorous series of surgeries in an attempt to at least have a percentage of her hearing, she decided not go through the process. Read her inspiring story as shared on Instagram below…

“I wasn’t born deaf. I was born hearing; although I don’t remember being able to hear at all. I’ve been having hearing problems since I was a child. My mother just thought I was mischievous and I didn’t like to listen. Until they found out I actually couldn’t hear. I ended up wearing a hearing aid in my left ear & remained completely deaf in my right ear. Ever since I was 6 years old. Regardless of my disability I’ve always excelled in school & amongst my peers. My doctors use to tell me… one day you’re gonna go completely deaf. I am in my 20’s now & I actually went completely deaf this year (2017). My doctor gave me an option; I could choose to go through a long process of surgery; which would give me an attempt to at least have a percentage of hearing or remain completely deaf. -No, no need.  I’m gonna do my thing… the world will adjust OR not.”

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